Teenie Harris Archive Stories: Part 2

In honor of Black History Month, below are a couple of the recent updates we’ve made to the Teenie Harris Archive based on your feedback. If you’d like to share more information about the people, places, or events in these images, or any of the nearly 1,000 photographs featured in Teenie Harris, Photographer: An American Story, you can send us an email at CMA-ArchiveProject@carnegiemuseums.org, or simply fill out one of the forms available in the exhibition.

The exhibition closes April 7—don’t miss this chance to see some of Teenie’s photographs up close and share your own stories. And check back here soon for more stories from the archive!

Who were the Ozanam Strings?


Man, and Shalegra Sloan wearing Ozanam Strings jacket holding certificate inscribed “…Ozanam Strings, April 24, 1973, honorary citizens of New Orleans…”, 1973 (Exhibition No. 974)

Dawna Biggs identified the girl in this image as Shalegra Sloan, and also provided this detailed description: “Ozanam Strings was a 250 black based orchestra which performed all over. It was started at Epiphany Church basement by Sister Francis Assisi Gorham who taught kids by ear and reading sheet music. We made albums at Heinz Hall, Carnegie Music Hall, and played with jazz greats Stanley Turrentine, Maynard Ferguson, Duke Ellington, etc.”


Meeting Harry Belafonte


Harry Belafonte wearing striped cardigan and posed in interior with telephone on floor, television, and floral curtains, c. 1957

Ann Fay Ruben described meeting Harry Belafonte around the time this photograph was taken:

“He did a concert in Syria Mosque in 1957 – I was there with friends.  I worked in Oakland then, and the day after the concert at lunch time, my girlfriend Beverly and I were walking on Fifth Avenue towards Bellefield and Harry Belafonte and another man (possibly his manager) stopped us and asked where they could get lunch nearby (they had been walking in the opposite direction). We told them Webster Hall Coffee Shop – they said thanks.  We were 19 years old and I just about fainted from shock and delight having seen him perform the night before!”