New Hire: Jeffrey Inscho

JeffreyWhat is your official title, and what are some of your general responsibilities?

My official title is Web & Digital Media Manager. That basically means I have my hands in all things interactive, from website & micro-site development and growing the museum’s online community to facilitating technology-based in-gallery visitor experiences.

I’m only in my second week on the job and I’m still very much finding my way, but I’m extremely excited to start working on a redesign of the museum’s website, integrating a new collections API and, of course, developing the interactive components for the upcoming Carnegie International in 2013.

What were you doing before joining us at CMA?  

Prior to joining CMA, I handled the web media and marketing for Carnegie Mellon University’s Heinz College. Before that position, however, I served as the director of media and public relations for the Mattress Factory museum, a wonderful institution here in Pittsburgh. It was during my time at the Mattress Factory when I discovered my love for working in the museum environment. I’m so glad to be back in the arts & culture space and I look forward to working with the amazing team here at CMA.

What’s your favorite exhibition that you saw this past year (at any museum/event)?

Wow. That’s tough. It’s been an extremely busy year for me and I haven’t seen as much art as I would have liked. That being said, I thoroughly enjoyed Teenie Harris here at CMA and Jim Rugg‘s solo show at the Toonseum.

If you could steal one artwork from our collection, what would it be? And why?

I think that’d have to be Kandor 20 by Mike Kelley. (Yes, I’m a Superman fan.)

Describe Pittsburgh in five words or less.

Greatest city on the planet.

Agreed. Any projects you’d like to share?

In my spare time, I write a personal website, Static Made, that investigates the intersection of technology, creativity, and culture. I also host a weekly podcast called ZenGeek. Those two projects, in addition to my growing family, take up 25 of the 24 allotted hours in the day!