In North Braddock, Residents are Reviving a Forgotten Playground

Al Borde, a collective of young architects from Quito, Ecuador, is helping community groups in North Braddock to revive a once-vibrant playground.

POSTED: 09.16.16

Black Homes Matter: The Fate of Affordable Housing in Pittsburgh

Nick Coles explores the ongoing gentrification of Pittsburgh's once-blighted neighborhoods and the worsening plight of affordable housing.

POSTED: 02.16.16

Imperfectly Modern: Truth and Consequences in Postwar Pittsburgh

Explore the highs and lows of Pittsburgh's postwar redevelopment—and the intentional and unintentional consequences still being debated today.

POSTED: 09.22.15

How an Unconventional Retailer Disrupted America’s Big-Box Mentality

In architecture, the 20th century in America was the era of the suburban tract house, the anonymous office tower, the strip mall, and the big box stor

POSTED: 03.17.15