Carnegie International

Alone in the Crowd: Nicole Eisenman Confronts Separation

Queer artist Nicole Eisenman blurs the line between isolation and belonging.

POSTED: 09.01.16

Zanele Muholi Confronts Hate, Rewrites Queer History

Visual activist Zanele Muholi rewrites queer history and pushes back against hate crime in her native South Africa.

POSTED: 06.28.16

How Child’s Play Inspired a Movement to Help Communities

Examining the art of play and how it inspired the 2013 Carnegie International's Playground Project.

POSTED: 05.10.16

Exploring the Question of ‘What is Contemporary?’

Ingrid Schaffner, curator of the upcoming 57th Carnegie International, examines the ever-changing question of "What is Contemporary?"

POSTED: 03.03.16

Taryn Simon on Human Truths and Indexing Bond’s Birds

Multidisciplinary artist Taryn Simon discusses early influences to her two-part super spy exhibit.

POSTED: 02.18.16

Homesteading: Portraying the Town Where Steel Was King

Philadelphia photographer Zoe Strauss frames labor and community in a Homestead portrait shop.

POSTED: 02.02.16

Pedro Reyes on Disarming North America’s Gun Problem

Mexican artist Pedro Reyes discusses how he steamrolled and melted government-seized guns to make a mechanized, musical instruments.

POSTED: 01.28.16