Hillman Photography Initiative

Photography at the Fringe: When Art and Science Collide

Exploring the intersection of photography and computer science with Specular Studio.

POSTED: 12.03.15

What Happens When a Museum Embraces Experimentation?

With the first cycle of programming for the Hillman Photography Initiative complete, the Agents speak openly about their experiences.

POSTED: 10.28.15

How Shirin Neshat’s Identified Speaks through Its Silence

Kaelen Wilson-Goldie explores the power of photographer Shirin Neshat's Women of Allah series.

POSTED: 06.29.15

Photography’s Radical Shift from Analog Memories to Digital Noise

Oliver Wasow considers the generational divide between the worlds of analog and digital photography.

POSTED: 03.01.15

Looking for the Incredible in a Simple Moment

Alec Soth examines the influence that a singular Robert Adams photograph had on his career.

POSTED: 02.01.15

How Photography’s ‘Decisive Moment’ Often Depicts an Incomplete View of Reality

Fred Ritchin examines the ethics surrounding Nathan Weber's controversial photograph of Fabienne Cherisma.

POSTED: 01.01.15

The Playful Wonder of Kenneth Josephson

Nancy West considers the work of Kenneth Josephson and the role of self-reflexive images.

POSTED: 10.01.14

At Play in The Sandbox: Where Images and Ideas Converge

During its three-month run at CMOA, The Sandbox transformed the Coatroom Gallery into a reading room and public forum on the photobook.

POSTED: 08.04.14

To Thine Own Selfie Be True

Jessica Helfand reflects on self-documentation and online presence in an age of carefully crafted autobiography.

POSTED: 08.01.14

What Does It Mean for a Museum To Be Truly Experimental?

Divya Rao Heffley, program manager for the Hillman Photography Initiative, considers what it means for a museum to be experimental.

POSTED: 07.08.14
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