Art in Context and the Pleasures of Looking

Director Lynn Zelevansky considers a variety of art experiences from recent travels.

POSTED: 07.25.16

Rediscovering History: CMOA’s Remarkable Experimental Film Collection

Director Lynn Zelevansky on CMOA's historic role supporting avant-garde film and video

POSTED: 04.13.16

Mind the Gap: Writing Women Back Into Art History

To tell the full story, two Art+Feminism Pittsburgh events helped women in the arts gain equal visibility on Wikipedia.

POSTED: 03.18.16

Pittsburgh’s Role as a Design Powerhouse at Midcentury

Director Lynn Zelevansky discusses Pittsburgh's role as a design powerhouse at midcentury.

POSTED: 01.26.16

What Does Change Look Like?

Director Lynn Zelevansky on changes facing museums in the 21st century

POSTED: 12.10.15

On the Death of Chris Burden, Iconoclast and Art-World Agitator

Epitaph for an American artist known for courting controversy with his work.

POSTED: 05.11.15

A Closer Look at our Visiting Van Gogh Exhibition

Director Lynn Zelevansky takes a closer look at CMOA's Visiting Van Gogh exhibition and the role of art in everyday life.

POSTED: 04.09.15

CMOA Commissions a Sculpture of Pittsburgh Icon Rick Sebak

Pittsburgh icon Rick Sebak has been chosen as the latest model in a series of works featuring contemporary American men.

POSTED: 04.01.15

Shining a Light on the the Hidden Lives of Artworks

Inspired by the exhibition Uncrated: The Hidden Lives of Artworks, Lynn Zelevansky discusses artwork storage and inventorying the collection.

POSTED: 03.26.15

How to Transform Pittsburgh’s Gulf Tower Beacon into a Mood Ring

In February of 2015, Carnegie Museum of Art turned the Gulf Tower beacon into a mood ring for Pittsburgh.

POSTED: 02.10.15
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