How Participation and Expertise are Key to Museum Experiences

Lynn Zelevansky looks at crowd-sourced museum projects and what approaches might best serve 21st-century audiences.

POSTED: 12.05.14

Conflict Kitchen Reopens Following Death Threats

Last Friday, following death threats, the operators of Conflict Kitchen decided to temporarily close the restaurant.

POSTED: 11.12.14

Shedding Light on the Historical Significance of Hélio Oiticica

Lynn Zelevansky considers the life and work of Hélio Oiticica as well as the importance of personal histories.

POSTED: 10.09.14

Communicating the Mission of the Museum to the World

A museum's mission statement not only tells the world what the institution stands for, it also serves as an invaluable focusing mechanism.

POSTED: 08.08.14

The Museum, Inside and Out

Lynn Zelevansky considers the litany of issues facing museums today, from weakening financial support to generational differences across audiences.

POSTED: 06.27.14

Obscenity Is in the Eye of the Beholder

How a museum balances concerns for free expression against visitors’ legitimate right to avoid art that they deem offensive.

POSTED: 02.28.14

Change Is in Order

It’s a new year, a time for taking stock. It has been almost three years since I started writing Inside the Museum.

POSTED: 01.15.14

Art Makes You Smart: Unconventional Solutions to Unexpected Problems

Museums are an ideal place to learn about art because they contain myriad examples of unconventional solutions to unexpected problems.

POSTED: 12.09.13

The Refined Beauty of the 2013 Carnegie International

The embraces its location and history, building solid connections with Pittsburgh neighborhoods while still emphasizing its past.

POSTED: 11.01.13

The Crisis in Detroit

Inside the Museum is Carnegie Museum of Art director Lynn Zelevansky’s blog about the local and global impacts of the museum and the art world.

POSTED: 10.10.13
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