Art Tracks

Unraveling the Mystery of the ‘Laughing Boy’ Painting

Tracey Berg-Fulton tracks the provenance of a particularly mysterious painting in the permanent collection at Carnegie Museum of Art.

POSTED: 04.05.16

Why Museums Love Libraries

Without libraries, museums would be flying blind.

POSTED: 04.06.15

The People That You Meet in Museum Files

CMOA's Collections Database Associate finds a letter from Julia Child tucked away in an archival sleeve.

POSTED: 12.05.14

Parties, Marriage, and Provenance

Questions raised about the provenance of an artwork that is the joint property of a married couple.

POSTED: 09.03.14

Visualizing the Stories and Lifespan of an Artwork

Helping curators, scholars, and software developers create dynamic visualizations that answer impossible questions.

POSTED: 08.13.14