Teenie Harris Archive

Lanes to Freedom: Ridin’ Around with No Particular Place to Go

How the automobile became a symbol of middle-class freedom in the African American community, while also foreshadowing a troubled future.

POSTED: 10.12.15

In an Era of Segregation, Owl Cab Mobilized Black Pittsburgh

How discrimination led to the founding of Owl Cab in Pittsburgh's historic Hill District neighborhood.

POSTED: 06.24.15

New Life in a Time of Protest and Heartache

Tameka Cage Conley on motherhood, the death of Michael Brown, and the fear when parenting a black child in America.

POSTED: 04.22.15

The Missing Made Visible: In the Footsteps of Teenie Harris

Poet Yona Harvey reflects on photographer Teenie Harris and the civil rights movement in Pittsburgh.

POSTED: 04.16.15

Beyond Urban Renewal: Fighting for the Future of the Hill District

There’s a spirit of resilience that runs through the streets of the Hill District. A hardness that outsiders shy away from but residents embrace.

POSTED: 03.13.15

View from the Hill: A Tale of Black Pittsburgh’s Complicated Legacy

The story of how the Fifth Avenue School Lofts came to exist is a complicated one that I will attempt to simplify. It is also contentious.

POSTED: 02.24.15

Teenie Harris: The Lens That Rescued the Legacy

Iconic Pittsburgh Courier photographer Charles “Teenie” Harris rescued the broken oral tradition of our African ancestors.

POSTED: 01.30.15

The Chronicle of Alma Speed Fox

When I agreed to write this essay, I knew it had to center around a conversation with Alma Speed Fox.

POSTED: 01.28.15

Halloween in 1940s Pittsburgh through the Lens of Teenie Harris

A look back at Charles "Teenie" Harris's iconic photograph of a Halloween party at Bedford Dwellings on October 31, 1941.

POSTED: 10.30.14

Kings on the Hill: Rise of the Pittsburgh Crawfords

One of the greatest baseball clubs of all time began as a group of neighborhoods kids in Pittsburgh playing ball on the sandlots of the Hill District.

POSTED: 09.29.14