Teenie Harris Archive

How Teenie Harris Became an Eyewitness to Political Change

Teenie Harris’s photographs of the democratic process defined much of his 40-year career as a photojournalist at the Pittsburgh Courier.

POSTED: 10.24.16

Remembering Bill Nunn: Actor, Mentor, and Friend

Charlene Foggie-Barnett of the Teenie Harris Archive reflects on the passing of Bill Nunn III.

POSTED: 09.29.16

The Untold Story of Pioneering Cover Artist Mozelle Thompson

J. Malls explores the little-known work of artist and Pittsburgh native Mozelle Thompson.

POSTED: 02.09.16

Actor Bill Nunn on the Art and Power of Great Performance

How August Wilson and Teenie Harris brought young people and the everyday working man together with the great artists of the day.

POSTED: 02.04.16

How Redlining Blocked Car Ownership in Black Pittsburgh

Erika Beras examines how discriminatory loan practices acted as a roadblock to car ownership in Pittsburgh's black neighborhoods.

POSTED: 01.15.16

Dreaming of Cadillacs in Times of Violence and Disregard

Ra Washington revisits the significance of the Cadillac in his own life, while considering the importance of the car in the black community at large.

POSTED: 12.16.15

Riding in the Family Car with Teenie Harris

Teenie Harris’s love of cars was visible in many of his photographs. In this video, his children remember their father's connection to the automobile.

POSTED: 12.10.15

Lanes to Freedom: Ridin’ Around with No Particular Place to Go

How the automobile became a symbol of middle-class freedom in the African American community, while also foreshadowing a troubled future.

POSTED: 10.12.15

In an Era of Segregation, Owl Cab Mobilized Black Pittsburgh

How discrimination led to the founding of Owl Cab in Pittsburgh's historic Hill District neighborhood.

POSTED: 06.24.15

New Life in a Time of Protest and Heartache

Tameka Cage Conley on motherhood, the death of Michael Brown, and the fear when parenting a black child in America.

POSTED: 04.22.15
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