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Bay of Nouadhibou, Mauritania, 2014. Photograph by Emmanuel Iduma.

The Sum of Encounters

There, in Umuahia, on a rainy afternoon, a dead man was moved on a stretcher from the hospital ward to the morgue. The man was the age of my father, whom I was sitting beside. I remember noting, as I glanced at each man, that they radiated a similar serenity. One man breathless, his eyes closed; the other sitting in pain, without worry or pity in his eyes. The men who carried their dead nodded briefly to me, bridging, if that were possible, the chasm between bereaved and comforter.

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Inside the Museum

Creativity and the Museum

Art museums are great places to learn to be creative because, like nothing else, art makes creativity visible and accessible. And creativity, at its best, is truly thrilling. It’s thrilling to see it in other people’s work—and thrilling to experience for yourself. Creativity lifts us out of the petty concerns of daily life into a realm that is elevating and exciting, and it is essential to all serious human endeavor.

Photo Essay

Defying the Erasure and Misrepresentation of Black Womanhood

For almost two years I've traveled around Pittsburgh taking candid photographs, street portraits, and conducting video interviews with black women and girls about who they are, and about their individual experiences. Given this city's struggle with diversity, I felt compelled to forge a platform for black women to speak on their own experiences, and to lift up the everyday nuances of their lives as beautiful and important.

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